How humans are driving the sixth mass extinction

The article says that while the sixth extinction hasn’t played out yet – so there’s still time to stop it – there are four unique forces that are contributing to it: 1) “global homogenisation” of flora and fauna, so that you can find species that are native to one part of the world in other parts 2) humans having become the top predator on earth 3) also being a major force in directing evolution 4) the amplification of everything through the “technosphere”: the interlink of humanity and technology.

Veganism would directly address the second force, the first to some extent, and also the third. Adopting it wholesale would change the outlook of humanity, so that it would naturally strive to avoid completing the mass extinction.

How it interacts with the technosphere – particularly the rise of intelligent machines predicted in the decades ahead – remains to be seen. But using animals doesn’t seem particularly intelligent, and if intelligent machines rise in the coming decades, it seems logical that they would encourage humans to be vegans – if they still haven’t got the message: