The First World

This is a longer video, but full of fascinating facts that range widely over the topic of the ‘first world’ and those outside it.

While issues outside the first world are vital, the first world isn’t just a sea of trifles.

As the video suggests, the first world has its own problems. As is often the case, we need to put the issue in perspective, so that the problems of both those inside the first world, and those outside it, can be solved.

Focusing on this first world divide, though, doesn’t even broach the topic of fellow animals. Yet curiously, they feature throughout the video, commonly assuming human roles.

In terms of numbers, they’re by far the most exploited beings on the planet, yet either we’re unaware of how to solve this exploitation – through veganism – justify our use of other animals, or take advantage of our dominance and not care to change.

But if we really want to make a change at the deepest core of society, veganism gives us that opportunity. Who’d be so ready to go to war if they didn’t agree with the idea of killing a bird for dinner?

Who’d jump at the chance to get the cheapest labour they could, aware that it might be under poor conditions, if they didn’t accept that confining cows, killing their young, taking their milk and then finally killing them, was a reasonable way to get a drink?

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