This video offers some good reasons why if you marry, you’ll likely choose the wrong person – which it tells us is only to be expected.

It also suggests we don’t really want happiness, but the familiar. This defies what is arguably a deep inner sense, and there are no compelling reasons given why it’s right.

The video also offers a fish dinner and cashmere sweater as a trope of happiness, which is more accurately a trope for the misery of other animals and their domination by humans.

For anyone unaware of this, you can start to find out more here:

The video suggests that in time – maybe jokingly, a few centuries – we’ll make partner selection a more systematic process that won’t end up with so many mismatches. But if we turn it into such a logical affair, then it hardly seems to make sense to keep the institution of marriage.

Surely we could settle on something more flexible, that will both let those couples that want to stay together remain committed to each other, but at the same time won’t make a mockery of an institution when they come to the conclusion that it’s time to move on.

In other words, the institution will be fluid, and match the needs of the people involved, rather than being fixed, and dictating some idealised fairy tale standard to them.