Can tidying be life changing?

This is a fascinating article about the potentially life changing, spiritual aspects of tidying or decluttering.  Yes, you read that right, both life changing and spiritual.

I have no experience with the Shinto inspired KonMarie method, although reading this article gravitates me towards it – i know decluttering would be a valuable skill to have.

In the article, Marie Kondo tells us that, “things have souls… In Japan, people feel that inanimate things are their equals.”

What’s curious about this is the claim that inanimate things are recognised as equals of people.

In practice, however, we know that we don’t consider inanimate things our equals, since even KonMarie means throwing things away. How can you throw away something if it’s your equal? Surely that thing should have as much say as you in its fate if it’s your equal?

The idea of inanimate objects being equals is a quaint one, but one she only pays lip service to.

Even so, at least inanimate objects get lip service. Where do the feeling, living creatures we know as fellow animals sit in relation to this? Since i’m not at all acquainted with KonMarie, i simply don’t know. (But if you do, please leave a comment and, preferably, a related link.)

In practice, though, we know that regardless of what we say, in Japan as everywhere else, we don’t regard our fellow animals as equal to us, either.

So while we accept they feel pain and there are now several major nutritional bodies in Australia, Canada, the US and elsewhere that tell us we don’t need to eat animal products, we pay them an even worse kind of lip service: we eat them.

In this regard, what we need is a KonMarie of our outdated attitudes to other animals:


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