Hitler’s reaction to veganism

This video is funny because it’s absurd.

Posting it isn’t meant as an affront to anyone.

Please put aside the obvious contradiction that Hitler’s officers talk about veganism, yet, in reality, kept millions of prisoners and killed them. (Also put aside the fanciful term “cruelty free” and the flawed word, “carnist.”)

Even so, this is part of the video’s satirical message: just as Hitler’s objections seem like a ridiculous fit of histrionics, we nevertheless keep billions of captives and kill them; just as we generally see ourselves as caring people who avoid violence, we nevertheless carry it out in places hidden from most of us, some named without any pretence: slaughterhouses; just as we now (in theory) oppose the idea of depriving humans of their liberty, we commonly don’t even consider whether we should confine other animals, perform ‘procedures’ on them (eg debeaking, branding, castration), force them to breed, and kill them.