Five Reasons Donald Will Win

Donald Trump

Clicking on the picture above takes you to an amusing article by Michael Moore on why Donald Trump will win the American presidential election.

Michael Moore has a talent for being amusing – but at the same time making valid points. The article provides solid reasons why a Donald victory looks likely.

It also holds out an exciting possibility for the future: animals being given “human rights” and a hamster running the US.

This is according to Michael’s take on the thinking of Endangered White Males:

now, after having had to endure eight years of a black man telling us what to do, we’re supposed to just sit back and take eight years of a woman bossing us around? After that it’ll be eight years of the gays in the White House! Then the transgenders! You can see where this is going. By then animals will have been granted human rights and a fuckin’ hamster is going to be running the country. This has to stop!