Eisel Mazard strikes again


I’ve said before there’s a lot of merit in Eisel Mazard’s discussions about veganism. It’s good to have his YouTube channel around, and he offers various uncommon angles and insights.

At the same time, just as his latest video about Jordan Peterson exposes Jordan as all bluster in relation to veganism, so Eisel at times creates arguments out of thin air.

The latest example of this is his declaration in the Jordan Peterson video, that:

I am a vegan, and i openly identify as a nihilist. I reject belief itself. The only thing i believe is that there is nothing to be believe in.

What a meaningless, contradictory statement for anyone who has a deeper interest in the idea of veganism to make.

It provides no guidance in any respect, and allows no one – let alone him – to make any statement about ethics – which he nevertheless often seems keen to do.

In another video, he pronounces Morality without Ambition is Meaningless. He makes some interesting points in it – as well as some far fetched ones in a venomous attack on Ted Carr – but how can he claim his position has any validity as a nihilist? He has no frame of reference to make any judgements, as “there is nothing to believe in.”

Yet i’m sure he believes in eating every day. I’m sure he thinks he should stay alive.

His other videos suggest he’s halfway to understanding there are things to believe in.

At that point, the outrage, spite and gibberish in his videos may give way to more of his coherent thoughts.