My name’s Rico – this is my blog.

Not to toot my own horn, but as of 7 August 2017, i made it to #5,308,882 on the Amazon US reviewer list. That means i’m in the top billion reviewers on our planet. Of course, most of our planet may not be Amazon US users, but that’s a side issue.

Links and reposts here are aligned with my personal interests and allowing animals (including humans) to live as free as possible from violence.

I see this as a sacred duty. By committing violence against others, we impair their ability to evolve freely. If we kill them, we take away that ability entirely.

Veganism is a way to minimize this type of violence: at it’s most basic level, domination and the violence that goes with it is directed towards fellow animals, and is literally fed by that.

That said, i don’t endorse links and reposts wholesale. In particular, any parts that support violence, either overtly, tacitly, or unconsciously – this includes the regulation of animal use and all the groups that garner popular favour through it.

Some of the links in my Links menu aren’t vegan –  they may even be hostile to veganism. Obviously, i don’t suppor this. But these sites offer useful information, some of it relevant to veganism.

Similarly, i don’t endorse behaviour of people associated with links and reposts that is nasty, belittling, or unnecessarily dismissive.

That’s not to suggest those people are bad. But it is to suggest their behaviour is. One of the quotes included in this blog is from John Watson: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting  a hard battle.”

People will slip. They aren’t perfect, so it’s a good idea to show a wide level of tolerance. But constantly repeating bad behaviour without making any effort to change it doesn’t somehow make that behaviour better or even beyond criticism.

During the second millenium before the christian era, Zoroaster developed the creed, “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.”

We generally all have some good thoughts, the challenge being to elevate and increase them. Our thoughts lead to our words.

We have control over the words we share with others, yet it can be difficult to produce good words. Words are a realisation of thoughts, and in cultures permeated by harmful and destructive ideas, we tend to reproduce them without much thought.

As such, it might be even more difficult to regularly perform good deeds. But it should be clear that even if we don’t continually do good deeds, we can at least avoid bad ones.

Confining other beings, making them do our bidding, then even killing them are all deeds we can avoid.