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Bender, upset about something.

Location: in someone’s front yard, not far from where i live.


Is it a car or is it ridiculous?

Alfa Romeo have been running a series of ads on TV with the slogan, “It’s not a car, it’s an Alfa Romeo.”

No, Alfa, it is a car. It’s not a bird, plane or ship… it’s a car.

This attempt to make Alfa seem exclusive, to make it more than a car, suggest the Alfa and the ad folks took no notice of the readings on the absurdo-meter.


* “It’s not ridiculous, it’s an Alfa Romeo.” This could then be extended to ridiculous situations eg “That’s so Alfa.”

* “It’s not awkwardly brazen, it’s an Alfa Romeo.” Example extension: “She is so Alfa Romeo!”

* It could also be used in a ironic sense eg “That’s not an orange, it’s an Alfa Romeo!” – when it is actually an orange.

Michael Shermer on animal use

Michael Shermer says:

I am… troubled by an analogy made by rights activists that animals  are undergoing a “holocaust.” Historian Charles Patterson draws the analogy in his 2002 book Eternal Treblinka, and [Mark] Devries makes visual reference to it [in his film Speciesism] by comparing the layout of factory-farm buildings to that of prisoner barracks at Auschwitz. The flaw in the analogy is in the motivation of the perpetrators. As someone who has written a book on the Holocaust (Denying History, University of California Press, revised edition, 2009), I see a vast moral gulf between farmers and Nazis. Even factory-farm corporate suits motivated by profits are still far down the moral ladder from Adolf Eichmann and Heinrich Himmler. There are no signs at factory farms reading “Arbeit Macht Frei.”