Our Taste for ‘Aquatic Bushmeat’ Is Killing the Sea


Water ‘bushmeat’ is just one aspect of the issue of animal use.
There’s no need to exploit other animals for food – our domination of them is a vestige of our warring, colonial side.

There’s a more up to date, practical and less violent alternative: http://www.howdoigovegan.com/


Michael Newton on Suicide

Destiny of Souls, released in 2000, is a book based on the hypnotic regression work of Michael Newton.

This is an excerpt from it related to suicide:

When I work with clients who have committed suicide in former lives, the first thing most exclaim right after the moment of death is, “Oh, my God, how could I have been so stupid!” These are physically healthy people, not those who are suffering from a debilitating physical illness. Suicide by a person, young or old, whose physical state has reduced the quality of their life to almost nothing is treated differently in the spirit world than those who had healthy bodies. While all suicide cases are treated with kindness and understanding, people who killed themselves with a healthy body do have a reckoning.