The basis of knowledge

“An axiomatic concept is the identification of a primary fact of reality, which cannot be analysed i.e. broken down into component parts. It is implicit in all facts and all knowledge. It is the fundamentally given and directly perceived or experienced, which requires no proof or explanation, but on which all proofs and explanations rest.”

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Dairy gets milked


“After 80 years of operation, in 2016 Elmhurst CEO Henry Schwartz shuttered his family’s processing plant in New York City…

“Rather than ditch a company founded by his relatives in 1919, Schwartz pivoted his business to reflect the rapidly shifting way in which consumers are buying milk: choosing milks made not from cows but from plants.”

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The Golden Age of Bailing


It’s clear we’re living in a golden age of bailing. All across America people are deciding on Monday that it would be really fantastic to go grab a drink with X on Thursday. But then when Thursday actually rolls around they realize it would actually be more fantastic to go home, flop on the bed and watch Carpool Karaoke videos. So they send the bailing text or email: “So sorry! I’m gonna have to flake on drinks tonight. Overwhelmed. My grandmother just got bubonic plague.…”

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Adolf Hitler Vegetarian?

What follows is an extract from Charles Patterson’s book Eternal Treblinka. It’s from a section called Hitler and Animals, and should put paid to the idea that Hitler was a vegetarian. Some extra paragraph spacing has been added to separate ideas more clearly and make the extract easier to read.

hitler and eva braun

Hitler was fond of dogs, especially German shepherds (he considered boxers “degenerate”), whom he liked to control and dominate. At the front during World War I, he befriended a white terrier, Fuchsl (Foxl), who had strayed across enemy lines. Later, when his unit had to move on and Fuchsl could not be found, Hitler became distraught.