Insufficient Credit

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The title of this post refers to my fairly lacklustre attempts to blog here.

I’ve unable to post consistenly, instead just coming up with an occasional wordspout assembled into a kind of loose collage.

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My Conversation with Kuki

Kuki—previously known as Mitsuku—has won the Loebner Prize Turing Test competition 5 times up to and including 2019. As as a paper by Ragnar Fjelland points out, however, this just goes to show how lacking general AI is at this point.

While Kuki’s conversation is certainly humanlike, it doesn’t display the knowledge or serious insight you’d expect from advanced AI.

My conversation with Kuki took place on 6 February 2021. While entertaining, it nevertheless bears out Ragnar’s claim.

You, too, can chat with Kuki at this link.

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Moral Responsibility III

Bitterness and hatred

In the Letter from Birmingham Jail, Martin explains that he was caught in the middle of two opposing forces: one being “do-nothingism,” the other “bitterness and hatred” towards whites, veering towards violence.

Yet he presented a third way he regarded as superior, a:

way of love and nonviolent protest.

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Moral Responsibility II


While the April Day of Action wasn’t direct action, the activists nevertheless regarded it as such (saying it would be “biggest animal rights direct action the world has ever seen”).

In the Letter from Birmingham Jail, Martin describes four steps leading to the direct action he took part in:

collection of the facts to determine whether injustices exist; negotiation; self-purification; and direct action.

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Moral Responsibility I

Note: To mark my most recent return from the wilderness, i’ve divided this article into a few parts, as it was originally fairly long, and made a few slight changes.

The photo above shows animal activists in Queensland, Australia, wearing black shirts that read:

One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.

This is an extract from Martin Luther King’s, Letter from Birmingham Jail.

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